I would like to acknowledge the First Peoples on whose traditional territories I work and play.   This land we stand on is the traditional territory of the Anishinaabe, haudenosaunee and Neutral peoples.

  I am proud to work with an ethical and certified, small scale manufacturer in China to produce the clothing.   They focus on smaller sized companies like mine and they set the price for their work.  This means that I pay good money, for good quality clothes and the skilled workers who make the clothes get paid a working wage.  

I am not a corporation, nor do I mass produce clothes.   I make small batches of clothing only twice a year which reduces waste and lessons the impact on the environment.

I choose clothes that are durable, which can be worn again and again.   I also make sure that over 75% of each line is gender neutral.   This means clothes can be kept for future babies no matter their sex.   

 I am a proud Canadian.  I have travelled this country from coast to coast and all the bits in between.   I have also lived in many provinces which has given me a greater appreciation for the beauty and magnitude of this vast land.   I sell exclusively to Canadian customers which lowers the environmental footprint of my store.   I am proud to name many of my colours after landmarks and amazing places of this great country that I am honoured to call home.