About me

For over 10 years I dedicated my life to early childhood education and the well being of children.  I believe that play is the vehicle for learning and this is sewn into the very fabric of my designs.  Children must feel free to move about, and get dirty, and discover the world around them.  

In 2016 feral & free was born!    I slowly grew my business and cultivated meaningful customers relationships.  I spent many hours curating merchandise and sourcing out the perfect clothes and accessories for Children.   

I began the venture of designing my own clothes at the end of 2019.   These garments are inspired by the freedom and movement of childhood.  Clothes that are easy to wear and non restricting.   Basics that can be passed down to any child no matter the sex or feeling of gender.   These clothes are designed for children to be themselves.... whatever that may be.


Please shop consciously xo

Sally Ford